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Small Household Electrical Appliances Control Board
Small Household Electrical Appliances Control Board

In the increasingly hot things on the internet now,Small Household Electrical Appliances Control BoardAlso incorporates the Internet of things technology, where the home control Board refers not only to household use, but also to many commercial control boards. There are roughly such categories: Home appliances network controller, intelligent home control system, RFID Wireless Curtain Control Board, cabinet-style air-conditioning control board, electric water Heater control Board, home range hood Control Board, washing machine Control Board, humidifier control Board, dishwasher Control Board, commercial soybean Milk machine Control Board, ceramic furnace Control Panel, automatic door Control Panel, Electronic Control Lock Control Board, intelligent access control system.

Small Household Electrical Appliances Control BoardTechnical parameters

1, Voltage range: 198v/ac-242v/ac, 220v/ac;

2, rated frequency: 47hz-60hz;

3, rated power: 1300W;

4, storage environment: temperature is 20 degrees-85 degrees. Humidity is less than 95%. RH;

5, use environment: the maximum temperature is 85 degrees. Humidity is less than 95%. RH.


Small Household Electrical Appliances Control Boardfunction Introduction

1, there are several cooking menu optional. Depending on the cooking object, you can choose the corresponding cooking menu. such as fine boiled, quick cook, cooking, babel porridge, rice rice, cooked pork, stir fry, hotpot, reheat, soup, cake, paofan, cooking.

2, through the top, the bottom temperature sensor feedback, the program can be intelligent in accordance with the flow control, to achieve preheating water absorption, boiling, Chong temperature, stewed rice, insulation and other processes.

3, there are a variety of rice volume selection, through the cooking program real-time record, can realize the meter quantity judgment.

4, there is an appointment cooking function, you can make an appointment within 24 hours of the desired cooking function.

5, has the timing function, the customer may set the shutdown time freely in the stipulated time, the timing time, namely is advisable.

6, 24-hour insulation function, can make the cooking end after the pot temperature within 24 hours between 68~70℃.

7, can be three-dimensional heating, equipped with the bottom, side and top heating function, rice more evenly heated.

8, there is automatic cooking repair function, when the external environment changes, through the external temperature sensor feedback, the next process will adjust the fire and cooking time for repair.

9, the bottom has over temperature protection, when the temperature exceeds the temperature insurance rating, it will disconnect the power, so that the machine to stop working to ensure the safety of the machine.

10, off the memory function, any time the power off, can be recorded at the time of cooking, 2 hours to call, continue to work from that point. Avoid starting from scratch.




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