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Commercial Electrical Controller
Commercial Electrical Controller

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Commercial electrical appliances are a noun that has arisen in recent years, and is a machine that was born for commercial use. Commercial electrical appliances are divided by use2Two----Main commercial electrical appliances and auxiliary commercial appliances; The first is for the production of electrical appliances, like ice cream machine, coffee machine, ice-making machine, sand ice machine, etc., I temporarily call these machines as the main commercial electrical appliances; the second is to speed up the speed of the machine, such as embossing machine, meat grinder, vegetable cutter, Mixer and so on I'm calling him for a second. Commercial electrical appliances.

Commercial models of multimedia functions are generally not strong, some commercial machines in the design of targeted very strong, only to highlight the application of a specific function of the reinforcement, does not require all functions to be exhaustive, this is mainly reflected in the graphics card and sound card, speakers,Commercial Electrical ControllerThe standard configuration of multimedia equipment,Commercial Electrical Controllerare rarely fully furnished. Home machine Design angle is for the convenience of home users to consider, in the multimedia, the function has covered all aspects of learning and entertainment office, in the choice of accessories is more and more full, the realization of more diverse functions, now the home machine has been to the direction of home appliances, a trend to integrate and replace the intention of home appliances.

Commercial confidential applications in a variety of commercial office environment, in the design of the design are in accordance with a serious and generous concept, in the chassis color most of the choice of white or gray monochrome. For the future to add features and external office equipment considerations, so commercial machine chassis andCommercial Electrical Controllerare standard full-size, external port complete, in the upgrade and expansion of the ability to generally superior to the home machine, convenient for the maintenance and repair of the batch. Home machine is faced with the sale of home users, so in the appearance of the design are outstanding aesthetic and personalized, various chassis styles are not uniform, colorful, in the motherboard selection is based on the chassis tailored,Commercial Electrical ControllerMost of the use of small board design, reserved space and slots than the commercial machine less, now the home machine function design is very comprehensive, the general user does not have to consider later upgrades and expansion of the problem.

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