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Water Heater Control Panel
Water Heater Control Panel

ThisEveryone electric Control BoardFor the heat pump water heater Dedicated controller, there are three-way temperature sensor (water temperature, external machine temperature, exhaust temperature), three control output (compressor, defrosting, fan), all the way alarm signal input (for high and low pressure protection, etc.). The main functions are as follows:

1, temperature display and control: it can display the water tank temperature and the external machine temperature, and the water temperature inside the water tank is controlled within the set temperature upper and lower limit.

2, Automatic Frost Control: With the optimization of the heat pump design of the cream control logic, can effectively defrost to ensure that the external machine at low temperatures can also work properly.

3, exhaust temperature protection: When the exhaust temperature is too high, stop the unit running and generate alarm signal, and according to the exhaust temperature control outside the fan.

4, external alarm function: All the way external switch alarm signal input, can be set to open, often closed or disabled, can set the number of automatic recovery and time.

5, the operation of the time: The controller has "automatic" and "economic" two operating modes, in the "economic" mode, can set up to three operating hours, only in these periods of heating, other time is not heating.

6, Other: Real time clock, power off memory switch state(Can be set), four-way valve direction can be set, compressor start-up delay protection, temperature sensor fault alarm, fluoride, testing and so on.

  Everyone electric Control BoardMain Technical Index:

OTemperature Display Range:-50~150°C

OTemperature Set Range:0~100°C, you can limit the scope of settings

OPower supply Voltage:220V±10%

OUse environment: Temperature-10℃~50℃, humidity ≤85%, no condensation

OOutput load Capacity: Compressors10a/250vac, other2a/250vac

OTemperature sensor Type:NTC r25=5kΩ, B (25/50) =3470k

OImplementation criteria:q/320585 Xyk 01-2004 (NA8634-HTDX)

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