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Beauty Products Control Board
Beauty Products Control Board

Electronic beauty instrumentPCBAControl PanelDesign software and hardware customization development solutions company Design capability:

⊙ you propose functional requirements, even an idea; we realize it as a product;

⊙ your original manual/Semi-automatic equipment, we turn it into intelligent control automation equipment;

⊙ you usePLCand time relay set up the cost of the automatic control system, we have transformed into a low-cost suitable for mass production of single-chip intelligent Board;

⊙ you have the dashboard template, we can imitate as is, but also can improve the upgrade;

⊙ you plan to develop new products, we will achieve and improve;

You only need to put forward the functional requirements of the product/Idea/Idea, we can design the circuit according to your request/Design software/Design Products/Production prototype/Dreams Come true! (Note: Can be customized according to user requirements of electronic product development and design)

Electronic beauty instrumentPCBAControl PanelPCBAPCB design software and hardware customization Development Program company business Scope:

Electronic product development and design-Control Board development: The customer wants the product function, our company designs the realization plan according to the demand, and produces the prototype to the customer test;

  PCBAControl PanelDesign:PCBDesign(Pcblayout), with reference to the circuit diagramEMCDesign rules, reasonable layout of components/Wiring;

  PCBAControl PanelProduction: CustomerPCBDesign materials orPCBProcessing ofGerberInformation, from our processing intoPCBAControl Panel

ElectronicOem/pcbModule Processing: Customer supplyPCBDrawings, components list, burning procedures, testing methods, such as the production of goods, Division I production testing;

Electronic ProductsODMServices: Customers for functional requirements, Division I according to the requirements from the sample research and development to follow-up production, as well as product aging one-stop service;

PCBCopy Board/Single-chip computer decryption: Customer for the circuit board samples, I division based on the sample copy function, the same shape of the circuit board;

PLCIntelligent Control System development: Customized industrial intelligent control equipment, factory production non-standard test fixture, production equipment, such as automatic upgrade, short timePLCimplementation function;

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