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Control Panel Production
Control Panel Production

Control Panel ProductionAccording to the power grid rules andLEDThe characteristics of the drive power requirements, in the selection and designLEDThe following points are considered when driving the power supply:

1. High reliability Particularly likeLEDThe driving power of street lamp, installed in high altitude, have waterproof aluminum shell drive power supply, good quality words not easy bad, reduce maintenance times.

2. EfficientLEDis energy-saving products, the efficiency of driving power is high. It is especially important for the structure of the power supply installed in the luminaire. BecauseLEDThe luminous efficiency ofLEDThe temperature rises and falls, soLEDHeat dissipation is very important.Control Panel ProductionThe efficiency of the power supply is high, its power consumption is small, the heat in the lamp is small, and the temperature rise of the lamp is lowered. To postponeLEDof light decay.

3. protection function Power supply In addition to the normal protection function, preferably in the constant current output increaseLEDTemperature negative feedback to preventLEDThe temperature is too high.

4. Protection Lamp external Installation type, the power supply structure to waterproof, moisture-proof, Shell to be sun-resistant.

5. The life of the driving power supplyLEDThe life of the match.

6Control Panel ProductionTo meet the requirements of safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

WithLEDIs increasingly widely used,LEDThe performance of the drive power will be more and more suitableLEDRequirements.


The important thing to buy a drive power:

Whether to takeICControl Chip becauseICThe control chip has the protection function of preventing short circuit, overvoltage, overload, over temperature and so on.

As long as the two points in place of the drive power, the quality has been very good.

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