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Coffee Machine Control Panel
Coffee Machine Control Panel

Commercial Electrical ControllerMan-machine interface of coffee machine control Board

1, display mode:IPSHard screen LCD display;

2, press the way: touch-screen touch.


Commercial Electrical ControllerTechnical parameters of coffee machine Control Board

1, Voltage range:110v/ac-230v/ac

2, Rated Frequency:60HZ

3, storage environment: temperature is-20degree to50degree, humidity is less than95%. RH

4, the use of the environment:-20degree to40degree, humidity is less than95%. RH


Commercial Electrical ControllerIntroduction to the function of the Coffee machine Control Board

1, can restore factory working mode setting;

2, the number of cups of coffee pot can be viewed;

3, pot coffee temperature can be selected;

4, coffee machine can be automatically cleaned and dried;

6, the coffee capacity can be set manually and automatically set;

7, the coffee machine has the automatic protection function when abnormal;

8, automatic detection of the peripherals are installed correctly and functional normal;

9, the whole machine has the function of standby memory, time is greater than15S, the power grid power outage will not affect the function;

10, owning24Hour time display, high time precision, can24hour precise appointment;

11, strong coffee function and light coffee function.

Display mode

1, through different positions and colorsLEDindicating the different working status of the coffee machine;


Commercial Electrical ControllerCoffee machine Control Board operation mode

1, touch the button, the gear switch, the cup quantity key.


Commercial Electrical ControllerCoffee machine Control Board detection mode

1, Temperature sensorNTCTemperature

2, the use of dry reed tube test Coffee tray

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