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Frying Pan Control Panel
Frying Pan Control Panel

Commercial Electrical ControllerElectronic temperature-controlled frying Grill Control Panel


Multiple Power input:220v/50hz230v/50hz120v/60hzWait。

Intelligent control, more accurate temperature, to avoid mechanical temperature control of high temperature.

can automatically identify whether the food is put in, no Operation automatic power off protection.

Using 0 Current switch technology, product life longer.

NTCAbnormal protection, product more safe and reliable.

Buzzer andLEDWork status reminders.


1, Power supply Voltage:av220v±10% 50/60hz

2, Working environment:-10℃~50RH90%

3, Temperature display range:0℃~200

4, Temperature control range:90℃~190

5, temperature display accuracy: ±1

6Resolution: ±1

7, input signal:KType thermocouple

8, Output load: Load Relay5a/220vac

9, Open hole Size:148mm * 70mm

10, panel size:160mm * 80mm

11, Depth size:67mm

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