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Home Appliance Control Board
Home Appliance Control Board

Home Appliance Control BoardSmall size, low cost determines that the circuit will not use high cost materials to solve its electromagnetic interference problem. AppliancesHome Appliance Control BoardThe interference mainly comes from three main aspects: one isHome Appliance Control BoardThe interference generated by itself, the second is from the load interference, the third is from the line interference. The solution of these disturbances can be achieved by different schemes.

 Home Appliance Control BoardThe interference that itself produces

 Home Appliance Control BoardCommonly used relays, SCR and high-frequency clock, etc., may becomeHome Appliance Control Boardsource of interference. For the above interference, you can start from the following aspects to solve:


In the relay coil to increase the continuation of the current diode to eliminate the disconnect coil generated by the anti EMF interference.

Spark suppression circuit at both ends of relay contact(is generallyRCSeries circuit, resistance general selection thousands of euro to tens, capacitor selection0.01μFTo reduce the impact of electric spark)

On the board eachICAnd then a0.01~0.1μFHigh frequency capacitance to reduceICImpact on the power supply. But should pay attention to the wiring of high-frequency capacitance, line should be close to the power supply and as short as possible, otherwise, equal to increase the capacitance of the equivalent series resistor, and this will affect the filter effect.

Home Appliance Control BoardWiring should be avoided90° Polyline, and minimize high-frequency noise emission.

At both ends of the SCR and connectedRCSuppressing the circuit and reducing the noise generated by the SCR(When the noise is severe, the SCR may be penetrated.)

Attention to crystal oscillator wiring. Crystal oscillator and chip pins should be as close as possible, and use ground to isolate the clock area, crystal vibration shell to be grounded and fixed. It is best to use low speed crystal in the occasion of low speed crystal oscillation.

Home Appliance Control BoardReasonable partition of circuit board(such as strong, weak signal, digital, analog signal)。 As far as possible the source of interference(such as motor, relay)and sensitive components(such as single chip microcomputer)From。

AC Terminal electric capacitance filter: Remove high-frequency low-frequency interference pulse,VCCandGNDBetween the electrolytic capacitor and ceramic capacitor to remove high and low frequency interference signal.

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