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Launch module
Launch module

Launch module is to use Radio signals a remote control device that controls a wide range of institutions. These signals are received by remote receiving equipment, you can command or drive a variety of other appropriate mechanical or electronic equipment, to complete a variety of operations, such as circuit, move the handle, moving MotorMotor Magnetic Encoder Control Panel, and then the required operation is carried out by these machines. As an infrared Remote control to complement the type of remote, in the garage door, Electric door, the road gate remote controls, Anti-Theft Alarm, industrial control and wireless intelligent home field has been widely used. The carrier frequency used in the transmitter module is315mHzOr433mHz, the remote control is used by the state of the open band, in this band, the launch power is less than10mW, coverage is less than100mOr no more than the scope of the unit, you can not go through the "Radio Management Committee" approval and free use. China's open frequency band is defined as315mHz, while countries such as Europe and America stipulate433mHz, the products exported to these countries should be used433mHzRemote control.

There are three kinds of coding methods commonly used in transmitting module, that is, fixed code, learning code, Rolling code three, rolling code is fixed code and learning Code of the upgrading products, where there is confidentiality requirements of the occasion, use the rolling code.


Motor Magnetic Encoder Control PanelThe following are the advantages of rolling code encoding:


1, the security type is strong, each time after the launch automatically replaces the code, the other person cannot use "The detection code device" obtains the address code;


2, the number of address codes is greater than10Million groups, the use of "coincident" the probability of a minimum;


3, easy to code, scrolling code with learning storage function, no need to use soldering iron, can be in the user site to the code, and a receiver can learn as many as14A different transmitter, with a high degree of flexibility in its use;


4, small error, because of the advantages of coding, so that the receiver in the absence of the local code when the error action is almost0


Motor Magnetic Encoder Control PanelThe encoded capacity of the fixed code is only6561, the coincident probability is extremely high, its encoded value can be seen through the solder joint way, or in the use of the field with "the code" to obtain, so do not have confidentiality, mainly used in the low confidentiality requirements of the occasion, because of its low price so also get a lot of applications.

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