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Motor Magnetic Encoder Control Panel
Motor Magnetic Encoder Control Panel

Motor Magnetic Encoder Control PanelAutomation equipment is the Executive Body, but also the most critical components of automation equipment, if more abstract and image description, just like the hands of people, intuitive operation;HandWork, you need all kinds ofMotor Magnetic Encoder Control Panel

Commonly used motor-driven control boards are:Acim-acInduction motor Control Board, brushless DC motor Control Panel,bldc-Brushless DC Motor Control Board,pmsm-Permanent Magnet synchronous motor Control Panel, Stepper Motor Drive Control Board, asynchronous motor Control Board, Synchronous motor Control Board, servo motor Control Board, Tubular Motor Drive Control Panel.

Technical parameters

1, Voltage range:110v/ac-230v/ac

2, Rated Frequency:60HZ

3, storage environment: temperature is-20degree to50degree, humidity is less than95%. RH

4, the use of the environment:-20degree to40degree, humidity is less than95%. RH

Motor Magnetic Encoder Control PanelThe materials are glass, metal, plastic, glass plate is deposited on the glass is very thin engraved line, its thermal stability, high precision, metal plate directly to pass and cut the line, not easy to break, but because the metal has a certain thickness, precision has limitations, the thermal stability of the glass than the difference of an order of magnitude, plastic disk is economical, its low cost , but the accuracy, thermal stability, and life expectancy are all worse.

Resolution-encoder with each rotation360Degrees to provide how many of the pass or dark engraved lines called resolution, also known as the resolution of the degree, or directly called how many lines, generally in the degree of change5~10000Line。

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