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PCBA Dashboard
PCBA Dashboard


PCBAControl PanelThe intelligent high frequency switching DC power supply system is composed of AC input power distribution part, charging module rectifier part,Launch module, step-down part, DC output feed part, monitoring part and insulation monitoring part.


As an essential part of power system, electric power operation power supply module is designed to provide energy for power equipment safely, reliably, efficiently, stably and uninterrupted. In addition, modern power operation Power must also have intelligent distributed monitoring,Launch module, unattended and battery automatic management functions, so as to meet the needs of modern management of power systems.


The PowerPCBA DashboardThe operation of power charging module can not only well meet the needs of the market, but also from the actual application point of view, to provide customers with real economic, reliable and convenient system solutions.


PCBAControl PanelFeatures Introduction

1, ultra-high power density, is advantageous to save the system space, enhances the system capacity;

2, high efficiency, the use of forced air cooling mode, can be well handledLaunch moduleTemperature rise, improve reliability;

3DSPIntelligent control fan speed, reduce noise, environmental protection and energy saving;

4, adoptingDSPDigital control technology, the real digital module. Improve reliability;

5, with output voltage and current smooth adjustment function;

6, module internal integrated anti-intrusion diode, can achieve hot plug, convenient system adjustment and maintenance;

7, software flow, no hardware settings, can support multiple modules reliable and independent flow operation;

8, the use of Plug and play of the self-identification technology, greatly improve maintainability;

9, Charging module Intelligent controlPCBA Dashboard, providing data communication interface;

10Launch moduleDecentralized multilevel monitoring system to achieve simple and reliable monitoring system 


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