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Steam Brush Control Panel
Steam Brush Control Panel

Small Household Electrical Appliances Control BoardSteam brush Control plate steam Brush steam ironing principle is through100Degree of hot water vapor constantly contact clothing, soften the fabric of clothing, through the "pull", "pressure" of the movement to make clothing smooth and smooth, hot water vapor more clean disinfection role for clothing stores, guesthouses, hotels, families, etc., with brackets, hook.Small Household Electrical Appliances Control BoardJust add water to the power1Minutes, you can spray high-pressure steam, clothing wrinkles in the spray, so that clothing smooth, supple, without ironing board, omitted our usual tedious steps of ironing. Products applicable to any material of clothing, curtains, carpet ironing and disinfection, easy to use, easy to operate, save energy and time.

Steam brush Control plate steam brush as a modern new small household electrical appliances, only from the steam brush function is strong and the length of life, has not been able to identify steam brush, as a part of modern home life, Steam brush humanized design has become particularly important. How to consumers from the human perspective, buy steam brushes, the following simple introduction from the human design angle, to buySmall Household Electrical Appliances Control BoardSteam Brush Steam Brush Control Panel.


Steam Brush Control Board humanized indicator one: whether the steam brush to adjust the number of stalls


For ordinary home use, multi-stall steam flow adjustment will make ironing easy natural many, especially without ironing professional experience of consumers, ifSmall Household Electrical Appliances Control BoardThe steam brush stalls are marked with a fabric ironing option, which is not only easy to iron, but also more ideal for ironing, and can also avoid damage to the fabric.


Steam Brush Control Board Humanization Index Two: see if the steam brush is not water tips


No water hint steam brush, may be due to steam brush lack of water, resulting in dry burning, and negligence, may cause unnecessary danger, so water shortage hint is also very important human indicators.

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