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Appliance Control Board to improve the quality of home appliances
Edit:Dongguan DaCheung Electronics Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-03-04

It is understood that the current Control Panel industry subdivision is not clear, roughly can be divided intoEveryone electric Control Board, such as washing machine control Board, air-conditioning control Board, hood Control Panel, etc.;Small Household Electrical Appliances Control Board, such as soybean milk machine Control Board, electromagnetic stove Control Board, dishwasher Control Board, pressure Cooker Control Panel. Most of the productionSmall Household Electrical Appliances Control BoardManufacturers are extensive processing, to produce a variety of small household electrical appliances Control Board, such a production model is not conducive to differentiated competition between enterprises. But with the continuous progress of technology, the deepening of economic globalization, some of the strength ofControl Panel ProductionAlso introduced a number of advanced technology and production concepts. For example, the use of German automatic phase lock technology, automatic tracking of operating frequency induction cooker control Board, withIGBTSoft start function, overheat protection, overcurrent protection, direct protection, surge current protection, surge voltage protection, voltage overvoltage protection, induction coil short-circuit protection, response time less than equal to0.2USand other functions, greatly improve the quality of the control Board and service life.

Usually,Home Appliance Control BoardThe industry belongs to the typical technology-intensive, while the technical innovation ability and the design ability are the key to the competition between enterprises. But the author after visiting to understand that, if only rely on technology and design capabilities, for some small and medium-sized intelligent controller enterprises, and will not become their survival of the "Iron rice Bowl", on the contrary, lower prices, reduce costs, the number of small household electrical Appliances Control Board manufacturers have to face the survival options.

Smart home appliances In the past two years is also a rapid development, from the well-known types of "cloud" electrical appliances, and then to the "network" technology, the new concept of popularization to technology interconnection, home appliances, intelligent industry innovation, always first from the idea to create market demand. And as a home appliance accessories, especially in the dual considerations of technology and cost, theSmall Household Electrical Appliances Control BoardCompanies are clearly facing more growth games. And how to break through many competitors, and how to pave the way for the brand, is bound to become many operators must not think of the problem.

According to statistics, the current domesticHome Appliance Control BoardThe proportion of products is13.97%, the future promotion of space is very large, in the trend of consumer upgrades, the domestic market for smart home appliances will continue to strengthen the pace of intelligent upgrading of household appliances will continue to move forward;In the coming years, with the improvement of the permeability of smart home appliances,Home Appliance Control BoardIndustry growth rate even faster than the home appliance industry is also very possible.

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