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Production principle of control Board for single chip microcomputer
Edit:Dongguan DaCheung Electronics Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-03-04

In single chip microcomputerControl Panel Production, there are many kinds of ground wire, systematic, shielded, logical, analog, etc., the ground is reasonable layout, will determine the anti-interference ability of the circuit board. The following questions should be considered when designing ground and receiving sites:

Logical and analog to separate wiring, can not be combined, their respective ground wires and the corresponding power supply ground connected. In the design, the analog ground should be as bold as possible, and maximize the grounding area of the lead end. Generally speaking, for the input and output analog signal, and SCM circuit between the best through the optical coupling isolation.

• In the design of the logic circuit of the printingControl Panel Production, the ground wire should be a closed-loop form to improve the anti-interference ability of the circuit.

* Ground should be as thick as possible. If the ground wire is very thin, then the ground resistance will be larger, resulting in the grounding potential changes with the current changes, resulting in signal level instability, resulting in the circuit's anti-interference ability to decline. In the case of cabling space, to ensure that the main ground wire width at least above the 2~3mm, component pins on the grounding wire should be around 1.5mm.

· Pay attention to the choice of location. When the signal frequency of the circuit board is less than 1MHz, because the wiring and components between the electromagnetic induction effect is very small, and the grounding circuit formed by the circulation of the impact of greater interference, so to use a little grounding, so that it does not form a circuit. WhenControl Panel ProductionWhen the signal frequency is higher than 10MHz, because the inductance effect of wiring is obvious, the ground impedance becomes very big, then the circulation formed by grounding circuit is no longer the main problem. Therefore, the use of multiple grounding, as far as possible to reduce ground impedance.

The layout of the power cord in addition to the size of the current to be as thick as possible to the width of the line, in the wiring should also make the power line, ground line direction and data line of the line to the end of the wiring work, with the ground wire will be circuit boardControl Panel ProductionThe ground floor has no line to fill the place, these methods are helpful to enhance the anti-interference ability of the circuit.

• The width of the data line should be as wide as possible to reduce the impedance. The width of the data cable is not less than 0.3mm (12mil), if 0.46~0.5mm (18mil~20mil) is more ideal.

• ASControl Panel ProductionA hole will bring about 10pF capacitance effect, which for high-frequency circuit, will introduce too much interference, so in the wiring, should be as far as possible to reduce the number of holes. Again, too much hole will cause the mechanical strength of the circuit board to reduce.


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