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Solar Commercial Controller Induction principle
Edit:Dongguan DaCheung Electronics Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-03-04

One is to use a photosensitive sensor with a Schmitt trigger or a single steady state trigger,Commercial Electrical ControllerThe manufacturer forms the light control Schmitt trigger or the light control single steady state trigger to control the motor's stop and turn.

Second, the use of two photosensitive sensors and two comparator respectively constitute two optical-controlled comparator motor control of the positive and negative turn. Due to the ambient light and sunshine during the year, morning and afternoon, the range of the intensity varies greatly.


So the twoCommercial Electrical ControllerIt is difficult to get the sun to be tracked by the four seasons. The control circuit described here also includes two voltage comparator, but the photosensitive sensor located at the end of the receiver is composed of two photoresistors in series.


Commercial Electrical Controller, won the Gold Award. The pressure sensor will be connected with the power supply on the controller0.01Second time in the connection, through the linkage of spring pieces,Commercial Electrical ControllerSwitch on;When people stand up, the switch automatically flush the toilet. "The automatic toilet in the market, all uses the infrared induction, slightly touches on the water, is wasteful the water, I use the physical method, the cost is low." ”


"Stair Volume Controller". Bao said: "Many people in public places up and down the stairs, the sound of footsteps are too loud, affecting the surrounding environment." This kind of stair volume controller, through the volume sensor and the audio broadcast equipment connection, when the footstep volume is larger than a certain value, will emit the sound, reminds people to walk softly, effectively reduces the noise.


One of the two photoresistors in each group is the upper offset resistor of the comparator and the other is the lower offset resistor.;One detects the sun's illumination, the other detects ambient light, and the comparison level sent to the comparator is always the difference between the two. SoCommercial Electrical ControllerCan make the solar receiving device the Four Seasons All-weather tracking the Sun, and debugging is very simple, the cost is relatively low.

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