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Main characteristics of electronic water pump controller produced by control Board
Edit:Dongguan DaCheung Electronics Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-03-04


  Control Panel ProductionThe main characteristics of the electronic pump controller are as follows:

1, the upper and lower limit of two pressure control points can be set to adjust freely to meet different control requirements.

24BitLEDReal-time digital pressure value is convenient for users to observe.

3, built-in relay signal output, anti-return settings to avoid the frequent action of the controlled equipment.

4, the service life than the traditional mechanical switch long, long-term use will not fail.

5, the control accuracy is higher than the traditional mechanical switch, no noise.

6, shock resistance, strong anti-interference, fast response and stable performance.

7, in addition to delay, water shortage protection, overvoltage protection, such as a number of intelligent control functions

The above features makeControl Panel ProductionThe intelligent degree of the pump controller has been improved significantly, and the installation is convenient, as long as directlyControl Panel ProductionAccess to the pipeline, no external relay, the realization of low pressure pump pumping, enough pressure to stop pumping, in order to save energy and prolong the life of the pump, and realize the pump unattended operation, can completely replace the pressure tank, pressure switch, water shortage protection device, check valve, four-pass and other components of the traditional system. It is suitable for the automation of Household, unit supply, drainage system and garden nursery irrigation and plant planting, and automatically maintains the pressure inside the pipe. The control effect of the pressure tank with the pump controller is better, and the function of protecting the water pump is effective, prolong the life of the pump.

Acquisition function: Collecting water point or reservoir water level, pumping station outlet pressure and flow rate, collecting pressure pump group's starting and stopping state, protection state and voltage, current, electric power and other electric parameters, collecting power supply equipment state, pumping station security alarm state, and supporting capturing real-time video image in optical fiber communication.

Storage function: Cycle store monitoring information in case of query.

Human-machine interface: Industrial tablet computer real-time display monitoring data and related equipment operation status, support touch operation.

Control function: Support the manual control, automatic control, the long-distance controls the pressure pump group's starting and stopping;Control Panel ProductionControl mode can be switched.

Communication function: SupportGPRS, optical fiber, Ethernet and other communication methods.

Control Panel ProductionAlarm function: The current is too large, the water level is more limited, control cabinet protection, power distribution failure, idler entry and other conditions occur, immediately report the police information.

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