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Electrical Control Panel Design Steps
Edit:Dongguan DaCheung Electronics Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-03-04

  Everyone electric Control BoardThe sequential circuit inside is used to generate a time sign signal. In microcomputers, the time sign signal is generally three levels: instruction cycle, bus cycle and clock cycle. The micro-operation command generates a variety of micro-operation commands for the operation of the instructions. The instruction counter is the address that is used to form the next instruction to be executed.

  Everyone electric Control BoardManufacturers usually order orders, and instructions are stored sequentially in the memory. Therefore, in general, the address of the next instruction to be executed may be by adding the current address1form, micro-operation command "1"For that purpose." The micro-Program controller is proposed because the combinational logic design is not easy to design, inflexible, easy to modify and expand. If you are executing a transfer instruction, the address of the next instruction to be executed is the address to which you want to transfer.

The address is sent directly to the instruction counter in the Address Code field of this transfer instruction. The main basis of these commands is the time sign and the operational nature of the instruction. The circuit is actually a micro-operation control signal expression (as aboveALexpression), which is the most complex part of the combinational logic controller.

  Everyone electric Control BoardDesign steps:

1, designEveryone electric Control BoardInstruction system: Specify the type of instruction, the number of instructions and the format and function of each instruction;

2, preliminary overall design: such as register setting, bus arrangement, operator design, connection between parts, etc.

3, drawing instruction Flowchart: Mark out the time of each instruction, what part of the operation;

4, the arrangement operation timetable: namely according to the instruction flowchart decomposition each operation for the micro operation, lists the machine to carry on the micro operation according to the time period;

5, listed micro-operation signal expression, simplification, circuit implementation.

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