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The scanning mode used by home appliance controller Manufacturers

The Multipath-driven display module uses a scanning method, and there is a voltage present in the segment that is not displayed.Small Household Electrical Appliances Control BoardManufacturers to remind you that under normal circumstances, the voltage away from the liquid crystal valve voltage, the segment performance is not shown, but if the operating voltage of the module is higher than the normal operating voltage, the voltage is close to the threshold voltage of the liquid crystal, the paragraph will faint if present. The cable cannot be too long,Small Household Electrical Appliances Control BoardGeneral control in500pxWithin。 Adjust PotentiometerV0adjust to the appropriate voltage untilLCDHas a slightly lighter shadow. It is possible to connect a short-circuit, circuit breaker, line crossover or virtual welding, and must use a multimeter to check each foot and the single chip computer connection intact (and program settings), and the adjacent feet without short circuit.


Because the default mode of the character display module on power16x1, so a row of black blocks is displayed when the power is on.Small Household Electrical Appliances Control BoardThe manufacturer's main program initializes it, and the display mode is successfully set to16x2, the black pieces will naturally disappear. The single chip computer outputs the control signal to trigger the ignition control circuit first, flame detection feedback circuit, through the flame detection feedback circuit to detect the flame, and the results of the test feedback to the SCM, SCM can be based on the input of the flame detection signal control solenoid valve open, closed, so as to ensure that the gas stove in the event of accidental flameout and temper State,Small Household Electrical Appliances Control BoardThe control system can close the solenoid valve in time, turn off the gas path and avoid the safety accident caused by flameout.

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