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In the increasingly hot things on the internet now, home appliances Control Board not only refers to the family

Home Appliance Control Boardis also a circuit board, the scope of its use is not as broad as the circuit board, but more intelligent than the ordinary circuit board, automation. Simply put, a circuit board that acts as a control can be called a control panel. The control Panel is one of the core components of various household appliances, most of the specific program functions are to rely on this component to achieve, in a sense, the pros and cons of the control board, determines the quality of household appliances and life, the control of the quality of the board, is the major control Board enterprise survival and development of the fundamental. Select a High-quality control board, is the home appliance enterprises to improve product quality, enhance market competitiveness of the key.

In the increasingly hot things on the internet now, home appliances Control Board is also integrated into the Internet of things technology, where theHome Appliance Control BoardNot only for the family, but also for manyCommercial Electrical Controller。 There are roughly such categories: Home appliances network controller, intelligent home control system,RFIDWireless Curtain Control Panel, cabinet-style heating and air-conditioning control panel, electric water Heater control Board, Home hood Control Panel, washing machine Control Board, humidifier control Board, dishwasher Control Board, commercial soybean Milk machine Control Board, ceramic furnace Control Board, automatic door Control Panel, electronic control lock control Board, intelligent access control system, etc.

According to statistics, at present homeHome Appliance Control BoardThe proportion of products is13.97%, the future promotion of space is very large, in the trend of consumer upgrades, the domestic market for smart home appliances will continue to strengthen the pace of intelligent upgrading of household appliances will continue to move forward;In the next few years, with the improvement of intelligent home appliances, intelligent control of home appliances industry growth rate and even faster than the home appliance sector is likely.

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