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PCB manufacturers to solve the micro-short-circuit/short-circuit countermeasures

Some micro-short-circuit, short circuit phenomenon of the finished plate, with ordinary low-voltage computer Test board testing can not guarantee that it does not flow into the hands of customers to customer complaints. UsuallyHome Appliance Control BoardManufacturers have pushed this issue to the computer board supplier, which has promoted the development of high pressure computer measuring machine. But with a high pressure plate, there's no guarantee.100%Pass rate.

Sometimes the first time you use a low voltage test lineHome Appliance Control BoardTest allOK, second time300VThe high voltage test has a short circuit. The third time with ordinary low pressure again, the second detection of the short-circuit plate is also determined to short-circuit. Use multimeter resistor to measure short-circuit point two line between welding inventory for short circuit, the average resistance value is6.7Ohm。 Therefore, it should be considered as a complete short-circuit rather than a micro-short-circuit. And then use a magnifying glass to check short-circuit phenomenon can not accurately check out the short-circuit point (should be the end of the product has solder ink reason).

From the test process and its resistance value can be identified as: etching the side of the formation of the edge, and then by the grinding plate process so that the sudden along break down between the Wire bridge,Then print the green oil so that its bridge is not a complete short-circuit bridge. This first test for low pressure naturally failed to detect bridging short-circuit. The second time for high pressure first detected that it is a micro-short-circuit, and then high pressure breakdown welding (because the copper wire is very small so do not need a lot of power to do welding to form a short circuit.) If the tester can improve its short-circuit test current of the full allowable power can burn broken bridge contact, we are very difficult to see this phenomenon. So the third low voltage computer board can test the short-circuit point, and its resistance value is only the average6.7Ohm。

The simplest and most economical way to do this is to buy a new grinder or to improve the existing mill the use of swinging brush and the use of volcanic ash brush or low mesh of nylon brush, and then use high-pressure flushing, especially in the washing section preferably have a filter, to prevent the short circuit of the foreign body again pollution plate surface, The grinding machine can remove the copper wires and the sudden edges formed by the side corrosion (the dust remover also has some removal effect). At the same time, new computer testing machine should be selected high pressure machine, can reduceHome Appliance Control BoardMicro short circuit and short circuit occurred. This short-circuit phenomenon usually occurs in a single plate and high densityHome Appliance Control BoardIn。

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