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How to debug a new design of large appliances control Board

For a new designEveryone electric Control Board, debugging will often encounter some difficulties, especially when the board is larger, more than a few components, often do not start. But if you master a set of reasonable debugging methods, debugging will be more effective. For the newEveryone electric Control Board, we must first of all to observe, whether there are problems on board, such as whether there are obvious cracks, there is no short-circuit, open circuit and so on. If necessary, check to see if the resistance between the power source and ground is large enough.

Then you install the components. Independent modules, if you are not sure that they are working properly, it is best not to install all, but a part of the loading(For smaller circuits, you can load them all at once.), so it is easy to determine the scope of the fault, so as to avoid the problem when the start. In general, the power supply can be installed first, and then on the electricity to detect the power output voltage is normal. If you are not too sure when you are on the power(Even with great certainty, it is advisable to add a fuse, just in case), we can consider using adjustable power supply with current limiting function.Everyone electric Control BoardThe preset is better than current protection, and then the voltage of the regulated power supply is raised slowly, and the input current, input voltage and output voltage are monitored. If, in the course of the increase,Everyone electric Control BoardNo overcurrent protection and other problems, and the output voltage is also up to normal, it indicates that the power partOK。 Conversely, disconnect the power supply, look for the point of failure, and repeat the above steps until the power supply is normal.

Then gradually install other modules, each installed a module, on the electric test, on the power is also follow the steps above to avoid the design error or/and installation errors cause overcurrent and burn out components

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