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Knowledge about the wiring design of the PCBA dashboard

  PCBAControl Panelis a provider of electrical connections to electronic components,PCBAControl PanelGround design is very important, let's take a look atPCBAControl PanelKnowledge of wire design.

1, correct selection of single point grounding and multi-point grounding

In low frequency circuits, the working frequency of the signal is less than1MHz, its wiring and the inductance between the devices is less, and the circulation of the grounding circuit has a greater impact on the interference, so it should be a little grounding. When the signal working frequency is greater than10MHzWhen the ground impedance becomes very large, at this time should be as far as possible to reduce ground impedance, should be used near the grounding of many points.

2, separating the digital circuit from the simulation circuit

The circuit board has high speed logic circuit, and there are linear circuits, should make them as far as possible, and the two ground not mixed, respectively, and the power supply end of the ground link. Try to increase the grounding area of the linear circuit.

3.Try to add coarse grounding wire

If the grounding wire is very fine, the grounding potential changes with the current, which causes the timing signal level of the electronic equipment to be unstable, and the anti-noise performance becomes worse. Therefore, the grounding wire should be as bold as possible so that it can pass three times times the allowable current of the printed circuit board. If possible, the width of the grounding wire should be greater than3mm

4, the grounding wire constitutes a dead circulation road

  PCBAControl PanelWhen designing the ground system of a printed circuit board composed only of digital circuits, it is possible to improve the ability of resisting noise by making the grounding wire dead circulation road. The reason for this is:PCBAControl PanelThere are many integrated circuit components, in particular, when the power consumption of components, due to the limitations of the grounding wire thickness, will produce a large potential difference in the ground, resulting in a decline in noise resistance, if the grounding structure into a loop, it will reduce the potential value, improve the noise resistance of electronic equipment.

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