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Method for finding fault point of commercial electrical apparatus controller

① measuring voltage method. The first thing to confirm is that each chip power pin voltage is normal, and then checkCommercial Electrical ControllerA variety of reference voltage is normal, in addition to the operating voltage at each point is normal and so on. For example, when a general silicon transistor is conduction,BeJunction voltage in0.7VOr so, andCEThe junction voltage is0.3Vor less. If a transistorBeJunction voltage Greater than0.7V (Except for special transistors, such as Darlington tubes, etc.), may beBeKnot is open.

② signal injection method. Add the signal source to the input, then measure the waveforms of each point in turn, and viewCommercial Electrical Controlleris normal to find the point of failure. Sometimes we also use a simpler method, such as holding a pair of tweezers, to touch the various levels of input, to see if the output has a reaction, which in audio, video and other amplification circuit often used(However, it should be noted that the thermal circuit or high voltage circuit, can not use this method, or may cause electric shock)。 If you touch the previous level has no response, and touch the first level of response, then the problem is at the previous level, should focus on inspection.

③ of course, there are many other searchCommercial Electrical ControllerFault point methods, such as watching, listening, smelling, touch and so on. "See" is to see if the components have obvious mechanical damage, such as rupture, burning black, deformation, etc.;"Listen" is to listen to the work of the sound is normal, such as some should not be ringing things in the ring, the place does not ring or sound abnormal;"Smell" is to check whether there is a smell, such as the smell of burning, capacitance electrolyte, etc., for an experienced electronic maintenance personnel, these smells are very sensitive;"Touch" is to use the hand to test the temperature of the device is normal, such as too hot, or too cold. Some power devices, the work will be hot, if the touch is cool, you can basically judge it does not work. But if the hot place is hot or the heat is too hot, that's not going to work. General power transistor, voltage regulator chip, etc., working in70The following is completely fine.70What is the concept of degrees??If you press your hand up, you can hold it for more than three seconds, which means the temperature is probably70Degree below(Be careful to touch first, don't burn your hands)

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