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Matters needing attention in the design of PCBA control Board

PCBAControl PanelThe design is based on the circuit schematic diagram to realize the function required by the circuit designer.PCBAControl Panelis one of my company's main products,PCBAControl PanelDesign should pay attention to the following related matters:

1, avoidPCBThe edge arranges important signal lines, such as clocks and reset signals.

2, chassis ground and signal line spacing for at least4mm; Keep the length/width ratio of the ground wire of the chassis less than5:1To reduce the inductance effect.

3, fixed position devices and wiresLOCKfunction to lock it down so that it will not be mistakenly moved.

4, the width of the wire is not suitable less than0.2mm8mil), wire width and spacing are generally desirable in high-density high-precision printed circuits12mil

5, inDIPEncapsulation ofICWalking line between feet, can be applied1010and1212Principle, that is, when two feet pass2When the root line, the pad diameter can be set to50mil, line width and line spacing are10mil, when the two feet only through1When the root line, the pad diameter can be set to64mil, line width and line spacing are12mil

6, when the pad diameter is1.5mm, in order to increase the peel strength of the pad, can be used long not less than1.5mm, Wide to1.5mmand a long circular pad.

7, the design encounters the connection of the welding disk is thinner, the connection between the pad and the line is designed to be water droplets, so that the pad is not easy to start the skin, the line and pad is not easy to disconnect.

8, a large area of copper deposited in the design of copper should open the window, plus the cooling hole, and will open the window design into a mesh.

9PCBAControl PanelAs far as possible, shorten the connection between high-frequency components, reduce their distribution parameters and electromagnetic interference between each other. Vulnerable components can not be too close to each other, input and output components should be as far as possible.

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