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Photoelectric switch
Photoelectric switch

Infra-red Photoelectric switch according to the structure can be divided into amplifier separation type, amplifier inside the reservoir type and power supply of three categories.


Amplifier separation type is the amplifier and sensor separation, and the use of special integrated circuits and hybrid installation process made, because the sensor has a small and many varieties of characteristics, and amplifier role. Therefore, this type uses the terminal connection way, and can be AC, DC power supply general. It has the function of connecting and disconnecting delay, and can set up the switching switch of light and sound, can control6Output state, both the contact and the level of two output modes.


The amplifier is the integration of amplifier and sensor, the use of special integrated circuit and surface installation process made, using DC power supply. Its response speed situation (with0.1msand1msTwo kinds) that can detect small and high-speed moving objects. Changing the polarity of the power supply can be turned on and off, and the Self diagnostic Stable workspace indicator can be set. Both voltage and current output mode, can prevent mutual interference, in the system installation is very convenient.


The power supply is the integration of amplifier, sensor and power device, and is made of special integrated circuit and surface mounting process. It is generally used in AC power supply, which can be used to replace the contact stroke switch in the production field, and is applied to the strong electric control circuit directly. Self-diagnosing stable working area indicator can also be set up, and the output is availableSSRSolid state relays or relays often open, often closed contact, can prevent mutual interference, and can be tightly installed in the system.


The important role of infrared photoelectric switch is to be able to deal with the intensity of light changes: the use of optical elements, in the middle of the medium to change the beam, the use of beam to reflect the object, so that the beam launched after a long distance after the instantaneous return. The infrared photoelectric switch is composed of three parts, transmitter, receiver and detection circuit. The transmitter is directed at the target beam, and the emitted beam is generally derived from the light-emitting diode (LED) and laser diode. The beam is continuously emitted, or the pulse width is changed. The radiation intensity of the beam irradiated by Pulse has been selected several times in the launch, and it is not indirectly run toward the target. The receiver is composed of a photodiode or a photoelectric transistor. In front of the receiver, the optical elements such as lenses and aperture are fitted. Behind it is the detection circuit, which filters out the effective signal and applies the signal.

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