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Adult Supplies Control Board
Adult Supplies Control Board

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Home Appliance Control Boardis the main control center of the equipment, the whole equipment to do what all need to give a detailed operation of the control Board information, like the human brain, guiding the body to do something. Control Board is the center of automation equipment, a good or bad equipment, depending on the central control Board design is reasonable, design engineer design is reasonable, data analysis is correct and so on!


Small Household Electrical Appliances Control Board Increasingly hot in the internet of things now, home appliances Control Board has also been integrated into the Internet of things technology, the home Control Panel not only refers to the family, there are many commercial control board. There are roughly such categories: Home appliances network controller, intelligent home control system,RFIDWireless Curtain Control Panel, cabinet-style heating and air-conditioning control panel, electric water Heater control Board, Home hood Control Panel, washing machine Control Board, humidifier control Board, dishwasher Control Board, commercial soybean Milk machine Control Board, ceramic furnace Control Board, automatic door Control Panel, electronic control lock control Board, intelligent access control system, etc.

Medical Device Control Board Mainly used in medical equipment on the circuit board, control instrument work, data collection and so on. The common Medical Instrument Control Board is: Medical data collection Control Board, electronic sphygmomanometer Control Board, Body Fat meter control board, Heart meter control Board, massage Chair control Board, Home Physiotherapy Instrument Control Board, adult supplies control Board, etc.

Motor Control Board Motor is the Executive Body of automation equipment, is also the most critical components of automation equipment, if more abstract and the image of the description, like a person's hand, to carry out intuitive operation; to guide the "Hand" work, you need all kinds of motor-driven control board;

Commonly usedPCBAControl PanelBoard has:Acim-acInduction motor Control Board, brushless DC motor Control Panel,bldc-Brushless DC Motor Control Board,pmsm-Permanent Magnet synchronous motor Control Panel, Stepper Motor Drive Control Board, asynchronous motor Control Board, Synchronous motor Control Board, servo motor Control Board, Tubular Motor drive control Panel, etc.

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